About Us

Shelter LA is a family owned business, located in Los Angeles, California.  We began calling ourselves Shelter in 2020 with the goal of making Women’s Contemporary designs entirely from elastic webbing.  Our designs are meant to inspire confidence and excitement in women through body conscious, shape changing, feminine pieces.  We are not new to working with this material.  We were active in the Women’s Contemporary Division ten years ago, under the label, Pleasure Doing Business, through which we specialized in mini skirts and dresses. 

Our goal is to provide women with simple, sexy pieces that can be incorporated into today’s casual lifestyle. Our current focus is on tops in various lengths, shapes, and styles that can be paired with your current wardrobe.

We named our line Shelter because it is our goal to build a shelter in Tijuana, Mexico, that will provide rescue and rehabilitation services to children who are victims of child trafficking, as well as create a place that can protect homeless children who are at risk of falling into trafficking and abuse.  We see this as a long term goal but hope to begin setting aside a portion of our profits as soon as the company has stabilized.  We hope to be able to show transparency regarding this goal by January 2023. 








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